A Cagliari delegation took part in the UNICEFsuspended gifts‘ handover at the San Michele hospital of ARNAS G. Brotzu this afternoon: red-blue players Tommaso Augello, Andrea Petagna and Simone Aresti met the young patients.

The handover was held in the Paediatrics Department, directed by Dr. Maurizio Zanda, and also involved the Fire Brigade of the Cagliari Fire Brigade with the Fire Brigade Commander of the Region of Sardinia Ing. Maria Pannuti. Present at the event were Giuseppe Masnata, Regional President of UNICEF Sardinia; Paolo Ligas, Provincial President of UNICEF Cagliari; and for Arnas, the General Director Dr. Agnese Foddis, the Health Director Dr. Raimondo Pinna, and the Administrative Director Dr. Ennio Filigheddu. The ‘suspended gifts’ are special gift boxes created by Clementoni – illustrated by Roman street artist Merioone – dedicated to the theme of children’s rights. Each box, made of recycled materials, contains markers, an activity book, a puzzle and a memo game, and allows children staying at the hospital facilities to enjoy moments of play, recreation and socialisation. At the same time it guarantees – to the many children in need around the world – access to a quality education. It is possible to support the UNICEF campaign, devised by young YOUNICEF volunteers, for a minimum contribution of 10 euros and thus donate a “suspended gift” made by Clementoni by making a donation at local UNICEF Committees and online at https://unicef.it/regalosospeso. Donations will go to support UNICEF’s programmes for the education of girls and boys in developing countries. The ‘suspended gifts’ will be delivered by YOUNICEF volunteers to 2,500 children living in hospitals and family homes in Italy. Red-blue defender Tommaso Augello: ”

In these days and initiatives it is important to give a message of hope, a smile, our support, which we hope will help those who have to overcome a difficult time. Cagliari is always very active with projects conceived and realised in the name of solidarity, inclusion and helping others, for us to be part of it and to be able to virtually embrace so many children in need of support is very touching, so we try to make our contribution ”.