Cagliari Calcio in support of the environmental awareness and education project ‘Tutti nella stessa barca’.

The initiative, promoted by Carlo Coni – a federal sea canoe instructor who set off this morning from Marina Piccola (Cagliari) to attempt the feat of circumnavigating Sardinia by kayak for the second time -, aims to involve island municipalities that, in conjunction with the athlete’s passage along the coasts, can plan an ecological day at sites deemed particularly in need of intervention and suitable for the safe participation of volunteers. The Carlo Enrico Giulini Foundation, together with numerous partners (Cooperativa Sant’Elia 2003, Cooperativa Sociale La Carovana, Mediterranea Calcio a 5, FLUORSID and, above all, the Presidio di Comunità di Sant’Elia), organised a morning of cleaning the path from Cagliari’s Lazzaretto to Sant’Elia beach.

Also supporting the event was the Cagliari Calcio, following the philosophy of the ethical manifesto BeAsOne, with a representation of the Primavera: red-blue youths (Manuel Conti, Ismael Konate, Roberto Malfitano and Ivan Sulev) collected several bags of rubbish, contributing with commitment to a noble cause and fostering the growth of civic sense and respect for the environment.

These are the words of Corrado Melis, who was present at the event to bring greetings from his friend Carlo Coni: “I thank the Carlo Enrico Giulini Foundation and all the partners for helping us realise a beautiful initiative. I am lucky to be friends with Carlo Coni and to know his way of thinking. Thanks to him I discovered that Paradise is inside the city of Cagliari. Carlo’s idea is that places are wonderful if they remain clean. We must set an example and follow the path he traced, each one doing his part.”