Cagliari Calcio and Legambiente engaged in environmental cleaning initiatives: on the occasion of World Earth Day, the athletes of the Under 11 and 12 red and blue teams together with their parents, the technical staff and representatives of Legambiente Sardegna were involved in the plogging activity along the Poetto beach.

Walk, Watch & Clean were the three key words of the afternoon: young people and adults walked (Walk) along the beach, carefully observing (Watch) the places they went to in order to report and census abandoned waste, but also to monitor the state of conservation of the artistic-cultural heritage and biodiversity. They then cleaned up (Clean) the areas, contributing with a concrete gesture to the protection of the territory and even starting a fun “challenge” to see who could collect the most waste. A simple activity that allowed the participants to demonstrate their commitment to the environment through sport. Thus Annalisa Colombu, President of Legambiente Sardegna: ‘

On the occasion of World Earth Day, Cagliari Calcio and Legambiente organised an initiative at the Poetto in which people walk and collect small waste, such as cigarette butts, which are very polluting, while protecting the environment. An opportunity for the youngsters to have fun and learn how to differentiate different types of waste, working as a team to collect as much as possible and do good for the environment. Mattia Belfiori, Sporting and Organisational Director Youth Sector Cagliari Calcio, adds

: “We thank Legambiente because initiatives like this are worthy of great attention and contribute to environmental education and the respect and protection of our beaches. It is a theme that requires targeted interventions and greater sensitivity on the part of everyone, and this is why we decided to involve children and families who, through a challenge, can actively contribute to the cleaning of our beach and be more aware of proper waste management.”