At the core of our philosophy is the promotion of ethnic and religious tolerance, both in the internal running of the Club and in every venue of our activities. This is an aim we pursue publicly by spreading the values of inclusion and mutual understanding between different cultures, combating all forms of racism, xenophobia and violence in all contexts.

This commitment must always be sustained among the fans, among those who love our world, favouring the dialogue and mutual respect even in sporting competition, discouraging all forms of physical and verbal violence, with targeted communications and wide-ranging initiatives such as “Humanity has only one face”, “Keep racism out” together with the Lega Serie A, “Prendo un impegno” with Fondazione Libellula, membership of the International Day against Homophobia, Biphobia and Transphobiameetings involving athletes from the youth sector within the framework of the “Giochiamo d’Anticipo“, the opening of the “Curva Futura”, first sector of an Italian stadium entirely dedicated to children.

Love is never wrong and no one can be discriminated against for simply loving. This is why Cagliari hopes and promotes a cultural revolution that will truly, definitively create an environment that is attentive to the protection of the dignity of every person, regardless of their gender or sexual orientation.




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