Cagliari Calcio

We are together, we are as one.

#BeAsOne is a language, a mentality, a common and shared way of feeling and acting
A way of being together, as one.

Cagliari Calcio’s commitment

for a sustainable business model

Cagliari Calcio aims for sustainable development at every level and in all areas in which it operates as a company and professional sports club: environmental, economic and social.

An agenda in line with the Sustainable Development Agenda, the action plan signed in September 2015 by the governments of the 193 UN member states.

The #BeAsOne project is the manifesto, the guiding star for Cagliari Calcio‘s activities and the projects that will be developed now and in the future.

A large part of the proposed actions is implemented thanks to the valuable contribution of the Fondazione di Sardegna.

BeAsOne - Humanity has only one side



Cagliari Calcio has always fought against all forms of violence, and to do so, it sets up its own actions and others supporting realities whose philosophy and objectives it espouses. Our commitment to social and territorial inclusion, and our actions to create multiracial networks.



Promoting activities for inclusion, based on mutual respect and ensuring equal opportunities. For years, Cagliari Calcio has been committed to building a culture that respects, welcomes and includes diversity, seen as a strength and not a division.



Concrete and sustainable strategies and projects for a structured and effective commitment to the environment, the climate and the planet. We believe in the need for a comprehensive and participatory strategy as the only way to activate effective actions.

For community growth

The collaboration with the Giulini Foundation.

The Carlo Enrico Giulini Foundation was set up in 2014 to support the social, cultural and economic development of its territory. Today, the Foundation is a partner of Cagliari Calcio for a series of activities aimed at building community and strengthening a sense of belonging.