Cagliari Calcio on the pitch on the occasion of the International Day for the Elimination of Racial Discrimination: the red and blue club proposed the ‘Diversi perché Unici‘ (Different because Unique) tournament this morning.

The event, which was part of the information, awareness-raising and territorial animation activities of the Week of Action Against Racism organised by UNAR (National Anti-Racial Discrimination Office) and implemented in collaboration with the Metropolitan City of Cagliari, saw the participation of athletes attending four high schools in the island’s capital city.

Boys and girls from the Convitto Nazionale, the Istituto di Istruzione Superiore Michele Giua and the Licei Scientifici Michelangelo and Pacinotti played an 11-a-side football tournament in the fields of Monte Claro Park. An initiative through which our club – echoing the ethical manifesto

BeAsOne – wants to sensitise new generations to the concept of diversity as an element of strength and great social value: sport, in fact, becomes a vehicle for inclusion and a means of teaching the basics of teamwork, the beauty of being together, the need to respect small rules and the opportunity to learn more about oneself and others.

First place went to the boys from the Convitto Nazionale, victorious on penalty kicks against the Liceo Scientifico Pacinotti: Cagliari’s President Tommaso Giulini and the Mayor of Cagliari and the Metropolitan City Paolo Truzzu awarded them.

Thus the red-blue patron: ‘In recent years we have truly provided many examples, in various ways and initiatives, of our primarily social role in the face of the many scourges that afflict us: one of these is racism, and we must always be at the forefront in trying to educate. Today’s day sees us alongside institutions, students and teachers in promoting correct principles and making it clear that we are all equal. There are no distinctions between religions, races, skin colour. All ethnic groups must live together and love each other within a society that is now totally multicultural in every context. It gives us great pleasure to be an active part of this day and these are the events that serve to improve the world we live in. .” Adds Mayor Truzzu: ”

I would like to thank the young people involved in the tournament and the partners who made it possible to organise an important day. The message we want to convey is that difference is a value. My invitation is to try to be all the same, because that is how a community can be united and grow. The Metropolitan City of Cagliari will donate texts on key issues, including racism, to the schools participating in this initiative. Omar Daffe, Head of the Anti-Discrimination Office and CSR Senior Specialist at Lega Serie A, presented the cup to the fourth-placed team, the Liceo Scientifico Michelangelo. The former goalkeeper also told his story: ”

I came to Italy at a very young age because I dreamt of a career in football. I played many years as a goalkeeper. During an Eccellenza match, when I played for Parmense, after fifteen minutes I had a clash with an opponent. When the match resumed, a gentleman from the stands started to insult me, over and over again. I realised that the referee was doing nothing, plus the opposing fan went behind my goal and continued with the insults. I thought that football should just be fun and games, not insults. So I took off my gloves and went to the changing room. The best thing was that I was not alone at that moment: my teammates followed me. It was a beautiful sign for me. To you young people I say that sport should be fun, being together, learning from your opponent. Initiatives like this help to raise awareness, to reiterate loud and clear that there is no place in our society for discrimination. ” Second place for the Liceo Pacinotti, with the athletes receiving the award from the Deputy Mayor and Councillor of the Metropolitan City of Cagliari. Third place went to the students of the Michele Giua Higher Education Institute, awarded by Agnese Canevari and Monica Carletti of UNAR. These are the words of Agnese Canevari: ”

Today we celebrate the International Day for the Elimination of Racial Discrimination. Our idea was to involve the metropolitan cities in organising events with young people as protagonists. The Metropolitan City of Cagliari was immediately very active and Cagliari Calcio was very committed. I would especially like to thank the schools involved: boys and girls can convey the message against racism through sport. ” Space was also given to the awards for the best player of the tournament and the best goalkeeper, presented by two exceptional ex-Redblood players: Beppe Tomasini and Adriano Reginato.