Cagliari Calcio‘s commitment (within the framework of the actions promoted through the BeAsOne ethical manifesto) continues within the ‘Save the Queen – Sardinia Emergency’ campaign.

Last year, thanks to a partnership with Legambiente and fundraising by the red-blue club, 70 beehives were purchased and donated today to the Montiferru beekeepers: a small gesture to help reclaim the area heavily affected by the fires of 2021, thanks to the contribution of bees, which are fundamental for restoring environmental biodiversity.

This afternoon atUnipol Domus producers from Oristano, accompanied by the Mayor of Santulussurgiu, the Vice-Mayor of Cuglieri and the Commander of Cuglieri’s Forestry Department, they were welcomed by red-blue AD Carlo Cattee by our players Marco Mancosu, Simone Aresti and Jacopo Desogus, who seemed particularly interested in the explanations regarding the operation of the hives. Also present were the President of Legambiente Sardegna, Annalisa Colombu, and the President of the Montiferru Association, Pier Paolo Arca. The mayor of Santulussurgiu, Diego Loi, said: ‘

On behalf of our population and the Union of Municipalities, I would like to thank Cagliari Calcio and Legambiente for the attention they have shown towards our area. Just over two years have passed since the dramatic fire that brought numerous companies to their knees. Now we must focus on reconstruction. In the first period we had a lot of help, but as time went by, many people forgot about us. Today’s intervention is instead a happy note, reminding us that there are still those who think of us and support us in our rebirth.”

Deputy Mayor of Cuglieri, Antonello Sias: ‘Cagliari Calcio and Legambiente were the protagonists of a beautiful gesture, donating seventy beehives to our producers. Ours is a slow path to rebirth, but we believe in it. These are small gestures of solidarity that are extremely pleasing.”

Enthusiastic Cuglieri Forestry Commander Stefano Beccu: ‘.We were happy to collaborate on a very important initiative for the restoration of biodiversity in disaster-stricken areas. From an institutional point of view, we feel particularly involved in this project.”

Annalisa Colombu, President of Legambiente Sardegna, adds: ‘In 2021, we launched the ‘Save the Queen – Emergency Sardinia’ campaign, with the aim of reviving biodiversity in the Montiferru area. Bees are small insects but of great value in the life of ecosystems, being responsible for the pollination of 70% of the plants we eat. Thanks to Cagliari Calcio, which supports our initiatives and is making an important gesture, and thanks to the Montiferru Association, which was set up after the terrible fires and is in the front line for reconstruction.

Closing the speeches was the CEO of our club, Carlo Catte: “I join in the thanks to Legambiente. Initiatives such as this are worthy of great attention and help to heal a wound that has scarred the Oristano area. We want to be close to the population, and hope that our support can contribute to the rebirth of Montiferru .”